Day 2: News and Notes

FSU/FAMU Car and Team

FSU/FAMU Car and Team

Here are some notes from yesterday and this morning:

– Today, students from local high school are visiting comp to check out the vehicles.

– Florida State/Florida A&M participated last year as an electric-only hybrid-in-progress. This year, they’re back with a full hybrid. They added in the ICE, new uprights, a new differential, and paddle-shifting. They arrived this morning to a brake leak that they’re working to repair. Oh, and they’re a team of 2. They are extremely upbeat and are doing a great job!

– Cal Poly Pomona had a bit of bad luck, as they’re shipping crate broke on its way here. Some of their body work got messed up, and their toolboxes were broken. They’ve been working hard, and their body is going to be usable.

Lund University, the lone entry from Sweden, blew a piston in their engine last night. They managed to track down a replacement part in Manchester and should be able to replace that later today.