Day 1: Egress Tests

As we wind down day 1, here are some videos of egress testing.  Check back later tonight for more! Be sure and follow us on twitter (@FormulaHybrid12) for up-to-the-second updates throughout the week!




Day 1: 2012 Formula Hybrid Competitors – Checking in

We’re currently almost through day 1 of comp.  Some teams are in the middle of technical inspections, while others are hurriedly prepping their cars.  So far 23 cars have shown up, and we’ve documented the current state of each.

…aaaand we’re back!

Welcome to the 2012 Formula Hybrid competition blog!  Judging from the competition website, it’s sure to be an exciting year with ~40 teams registered, including a strong international contingency.  Your bloggers are excited for the opportunity to document the event again this year.  We have big plans this year with more multimedia.  We’re armed with a couple Go-Pros with custom formula hybrid mounts, designed to capture various perspectives of race car and race car driver.

Check back tomorrow for plenty of live updates from the first day of competition, provided we both arrive safely in Loudon. I’m currently stuck in Boston’s South Station after a delayed flight, while I await my bus up to Hanover, where your other blogger is currently contemplating a night of sleep on the atrium couches so he can relive the fun of past years’ competitions.


2012 Formula Hybrid Competition

The 2012 Formula Hybrid Competition is taking place at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH.

Check back for updates during the competition.