Endurance Event Wrap-up

Five teams made it onto the track for endurance including University of Idaho’s Vandal Hybrid Racing team which had the fastest single lap time:

[wpvideo QO1WYo7V]

Milwaukee School of Engineering made it out on the track, but their shifting mechanism failed before they had a chance to complete a lap. Tufts was able to complete 15 laps before they ran out of time. McMaster U had the fastest average lap time, and U Waterloo set a competition record of 33 completed laps!

U of Waterloo Endurance Run

[wpvideo 3AsDx7eb]

Final Push

A beautiful day for the final push of Formula Hybrid ’15…

The electrical inspection team was up past midnight last night helping 2 more teams get through. Some cars will be allowed to participate in IC engine only mode to demonstrate the mechanical capabilities of their cars.

Officials have been pulling out all the stops to help the maximum number of teams get out for the endurance run at 12:30 today.

Teams cleared to run endurance so far are:

  • U Idaho
  • McMaster U
  • Milwaukee School of Engg
  • U Waterloo
  • Tufts
  • U Michigan

Wednesday Wrap Up

As Wednesday comes to a close, only one team made it out to race today. Waterloo Hybrid was the only team to pass all of the inspections and hit the autocross track.


Waterloo Hybrid on the tilt test

After struggling to lock all four wheels in the brake test, Waterloo finally pulled it off, despite problems with their gearbox. Running against the clock, the rushed the car over to the autocross track amid cheers and applause. Their first lap was plagued by issues with their gearbox, but they were able to complete a second lap, putting down a legal time that should give them first place in the event.

Unfortunately no other teams have been completely cleared to run, but there are a number of teams that are incredible close. The design finals are currently wrapping up, and tomorrow we are looking forward to a number of teams getting out for an endurance run.

IIT at the Design Finals

IIT at the Design Finals

McMaster University at the design finals

McMaster University at the design finals

University of Michigan making their way to the design event

University of Michigan making their way to the design event

Formula Hybrid Teams Prepare for Dynamic Events

It’s Wednesday of comp, the day we’ve all been waiting for. Teams have been working around the clock to address the issues they saw in their tech inspections, and the paddock has been a hub of activity.


Mechanical Inspector Michael Royce checks the driver fit for McMaster University

Unfortunately, not many teams are ready to run, but many are very close, and we can expect to see an exciting afternoon. More than half the teams are through pre-inspection, with University of Waterloo being the only team to completely pass electrical inspection. Only two teams have made it through mechanical inspection at this point, one being University of Waterloo, who has also passed the tilt test and the noise test.


Teams work their way through mechanical inspection

On the design and presentation side of things, teams have been excelling and wowing judges. Three teams finished with perfect scores in the Project Management presentation event; University of Victoria in the Hybrid Division, RPI in the Hybrid In-Progress division, and Tufts in the electric division. Nice work teams! The design finalists are McMaster and University of Victoria in the hybrid division, and Illinois Inst. of Tech. and Carnegie Mellon in the electric division. The design finals will occur this afternoon at 4:30 PM.

This afternoon we should see some more teams getting out for tilt and brake tests, and some autocross and acceleration events.

Stay tuned for more updates as the day progresses!