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2019 Competition on Instagram

This year we resurrected our Instagram account to share updates throughout the competition. Check out @formulahybridcompetition Also, please enjoy additional, downloadable photos on Flickr:

Results Video and Photos

Watch the 2018 Formula Hybrid results in video form! Or browse the photo set linked below. See also the official results news release.

Day 4 Wrap-Up

This year New Hampshire Motor Speedway brought all kinds of weather to Formula Hybrid—wintery cold, spring rain, summer heat, and today some thunderstorms! Five teams were ready bright and early to take a shot at today’s Endurance Event: Dartmouth Formula Racing Princeton Racing Electric Ashwa Racing UVM AERO, and Lafayette Motorsports. Hytech Racing got on […]

Day 3 Highlights

Blue skies and surprisingly hot temps at New Hampshire Motor Speedway today, but teams kept their cool as they worked diligently to get their cars ready for the track. Winners of the Project Management competition were RIT Hot Wheelz for the hybrid category and Hytech Racing for electric-only. Design competition finalists were Ashwa Racing & […]

MSOE Defending Champs Return with Brand New Build

Defending champs from last year’s Formula Hybrid competition, the Mozee Motorsports team from the Milwaukee School of Engineering, went back to the drawing board to build this year’s parallel hybrid, says faculty advisor Dr. Matthew Schaefer. “It was just time to start over from scratch,” says Schaefer, who is back in Loudon this week for […]

Practical Electrified Vehicle Engineering

Last night at Formula Hybrid, Professor Charlie Sullivan of Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth presented his new course, Practical Electrified Vehicle Engineering, to a group of educators and automotive industry professionals. Sullivan said the new course, which aims to bridge the gap between system design and technical skills, could eventually become more widely available […]

Welcome to Formula Hybrid 2018!

Teams were set up and going strong by 9am this morning. Weather was cloudy and cold in the 50s and there were plenty of hats and hand warmers around. Luckily the rain held off for most of the day. Some FH Teams “Hit the Ground Running” The University of Vermont (UVM AERO) Formula Hybrid team […]

Preliminary Results

Hybrid Category 1st: Milwaukee School of Engineering (Mozee Motorsports) 2nd: RV College of Engineering (Ashwa Racing) 3rd: SRM University (Hybrutos Racing) 4th: Dartmouth (Dartmouth Formula Racing) 5th: University of Michigan (Michigan Hybrid Racing) 6th: Lawrence Technological University (Blue Devil Motorsports) Electric-Only Category 1st: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Hot Wheelz Formula SAE Electric) 2nd: Princeton […]

Day 4 Winds Down

Congratulations to RIT for completing 31 endurance laps (electric-only): Dartmouth and Princeton got out on the track, but weren’t able to keep their cars running. Be sure to check out new photos on Flickr!

Morning of Day 4 (Congrats MSOE!!)

MSOE is officially the first hybrid-category car ever to complete all 44 laps of endurance! RV College of Engineering and RIT completed partial endurance runs. Endurance will reopen at 12:30 today.

Day 3 Update

“We’re pleased that in general, the teams this year are better prepared for inspections than in past years,” Says Doug Fraser, Director of Formula Hybrid. As of now, three teams are completely through inspections: MSOE and RV College of Engineering (hybrid), and RIT (electric-only). Four additional teams are officially through mechanical inspection: SRM Engineering College, […]

Some pics and vids!

Day 2 Update

In the low 50s and off and on raining and drizzling, and … Milwaukee School of Engineering has been approved to compete, which means that they have passed full electrical, mechanical, noise, tilt, rain, break, and egress. Two teams have been noise tested: Milwaukee School of Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology. Two teams have passed […]

Close of Day Updates

16 teams are on the track. We’ve had a wonderfully steady flow through mechanical tech today. Three teams have passed mechanical tech. RIT was the first to earn their mechanical tech sticker. RV passed mechanical tech on their first try! MSOE was the third to receive theirs for the day. Great progress is being made […]

Welcome to Formula Hybrid 2017!

The 2017 Formula Hybrid competition is underway at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH! This year more than ever, “Formula Hybrid is SERIOUS about getting teams through electrical tech inspections,” says Doug Fraser, director of Formula Hybrid and senior research engineer at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth: Already, of the 10 teams that showed up […]

UVic Hybrid

2016 Results Overview

Hybrid Category 1st: University of Victoria (UVic Hybrid) 2nd: Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE Motorsports) 3rd: Atilim University (Devrim Hybrid) Electric Category 1st: Binghamton University (Bearcat Motorsports) 2nd: University of Vermont (Alternative Energy Racing Organization) 3rd: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Hot Wheelz) See summary score sheet. Awards Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Innovation Award: University of […]

RIT Hot Wheelz makes it onto the track

After facing some unexpected technical difficulties, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Hot Wheelz) was able to reach — and exceed — their goal of completing at least one lap around the Endurance Event track. Their “unofficial” exhibition endurance run in fact totaled close to 20 laps. Congrats RIT!

Day 4 Midday Report

Cloudy, cool, and windy today with just a few rays of sunshine here and there. University of Victoria (UVic Hybrid) and University of Waterloo (Waterloo Hybrid-Electric) came out on top for the Design Event. UVic also won both Acceleration (5.857 seconds for unrestricted and 7.3 seconds for electric only) and Autocross. The winner of both […]

Our pics so far …

Lunchtime Update

Five teams are all the way through electrical and tech inspections: Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE Motorsports) Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Hot Wheelz) University of Victoria (UVic Hybrid) Binghamton University (Bearcat Motorsports) University of Vermont (Alternative Energy Racing Organization) UVic Hybrid and Bearcat Motorsports have also passed the rain test. Other teams are on […]

Morning of Day 3

Coming into day three — cloudy and cool but no rain at the moment — Presentation Event scores are final with Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE Motorsports) leading the hybrid category, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Hot Wheelz) the top score for electric. Today features Technical Inspections, Acceleration and Autocross Events, and Design Event […]

Presentation and Design Events

Teams continue to complete both technical and electrical inspections today at Formula Hybrid 2016, and the competition’s Presentation and Design Events are running on schedule. In addition to preparing their hybrid or electric vehicle for the on-track events and racing their vehicles, Formula Hybrid teams also present an overview of their projects to a panel […]

Teams Move Through Electrical and Mechanical Inspection

New Hampshire Motor Speedway is busy this morning as teams move through electrical and mechanical inspection, and prepare for the first on-track Formula Hybrid events. Four teams have already passed technical inspection, and have received official stickers certifying vehicle technical compliance. Two teams have partially completed technical inspection, and are on schedule to complete the […]

Welcome to Formula Hybrid 2016!

The 2016 Formula Hybrid competition is underway at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Louden, NH! This year, 28 teams hailing from colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, India, and Turkey are registered for competition. To help more teams run their cars in on-track events like Endurance, Autocross, and Acceleration, Formula Hybrid added an […]

A Letter

Dear My Maker, I woke up this morning feeling empty and scared.  There was no one sitting on my round legs, scraping at my bones, pulling my veins out and soldering them back together or poking at my brains wondering why my many LED eyes are solid red instead of blinking green.  No one is […]

Sweeping Victory!

Congrats to Waterloo Hybrid for a sweeping 1st place ‪#‎FormulaHybrid15‬ victory! New endurance course lap record set at 33 laps. Way to go! See more on Storify!

Endurance Event Wrap-up

Five teams made it onto the track for endurance including University of Idaho’s Vandal Hybrid Racing team which had the fastest single lap time: [wpvideo QO1WYo7V] Milwaukee School of Engineering made it out on the track, but their shifting mechanism failed before they had a chance to complete a lap. Tufts was able to complete […]

U of Waterloo Endurance Run

[wpvideo 3AsDx7eb]

Final Push

A beautiful day for the final push of Formula Hybrid ’15… The electrical inspection team was up past midnight last night helping 2 more teams get through. Some cars will be allowed to participate in IC engine only mode to demonstrate the mechanical capabilities of their cars. Officials have been pulling out all the stops […]

Wednesday Wrap Up

As Wednesday comes to a close, only one team made it out to race today. Waterloo Hybrid was the only team to pass all of the inspections and hit the autocross track. After struggling to lock all four wheels in the brake test, Waterloo finally pulled it off, despite problems with their gearbox. Running against […]

Formula Hybrid Teams Prepare for Dynamic Events

It’s Wednesday of comp, the day we’ve all been waiting for. Teams have been working around the clock to address the issues they saw in their tech inspections, and the paddock has been a hub of activity. Unfortunately, not many teams are ready to run, but many are very close, and we can expect to […]

Formula Hybrid Media

Check out all of the #Formulahybrid15 tags across social media! Every school and team has been producing great content, pictures, updates, etc. Check here for the latest info from the track!

FH 2015 Tuesday Recap

As the sun starts to set on the speedway, the teams are still furiously working toward the track. Only 1 team has passed mechanical: University of Waterloo, and no teams have fully passed electrical. Many teams are close and should be ready to start the dynamic test events tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll see events like the […]

Team Profile: UVM Alternative Energy Racing Organization

UVM, a top contender in the electric division from both the 2013 and 2014 competitions, has come to Formula Hybrid 2015 sporting a brand new car. After scoring second place in the electric division for two years running, UVM AERO decided to go back to a hybrid vehicle. This year they are competing in the […]

Team Profile: McMaster Formula Hybrid

McMaster Formula Hybrid arrived at FH 2014 for competition with a beautifully designed and engineered car, but sadly one that never drove at comp because they were waiting for manufacturer specific parts that didn’t arrive until the competition. However, their team’s organization and discipline was impressive enough to earn them the Skip Barber Teamwork Award. […]

2015 Formula Hybrid Competition Hits the Track Rolling

Welcome to the 2015 Formula Hybrid Competition in Louden, NH, at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The paddocks are packed with student competitors eager to show off their hard work, proving their engineering prowess through multiple rigorous technical inspections, design and project management presentations, and eventually burning some rubber with the dynamic events. Yesterday saw […]

Final Results

Hybrid University of Idaho (261.70) Lawrence Technological University (253.63) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (251.35) Electric Dartmouth (513.88) University of Vermont (451.34) Carnegie Mellon University (288.72)

Endurance Event

In a nutshell, 6 teams got their cars ready and running for the Endurance Event with U. Michigan completing the highest number of laps (22). The teams were: U. Michigan Yale Dartmouth Lawrence Tech U. Waterloo U. Idaho

Update: Day 4

The autocross event closed, but not before Lawrence Tech got their car out on the track: Tune in between 12–3pm for updates on the Endurance Event which has doubled in length for this year’s competition. Looks like it may warm up a bit by then! Meanwhile, check out the news coverage from WMUR-TV that ran […]

Update: Autocross until 5:00 PM

New Hampshire Motor Speedway is extending today’s Autocross Event to 5:00 PM! There are still plenty of great track-side seats, so grab your umbrella, head over to the NASCAR oval, and enjoy the final half hour of competition!

Video: UVM AERO Autocross


Results, Acceleration

Click through image for full-size Formula Hybrid Results, 3:00 PM on 4/30/14 Acceleration Times, 3:00 PM on 4/30/14

FB Video: UVM AERO and Dartmouth DFR

UVM AERO racing and Dartmouth Formula Racing are on the track, running events in the rain. Click through these links to see Facebook videos from the speedway. FB Video, DFR Brake Test FB Video, DFR Acceleration Run FB Video, UVM AERO Acceleration Run FB Video, UVM AERO Brake Test

Getting on Track

Today, the third day of the 2014 Formula Hybrid Competition, teams continue to modify and test their cars so they can begin completing the competition’s three on-track events. University of Vermont’s Alternative Energy Racing Organization (AERO) team was the first group to pass all of Formula Hybrid’s preliminary tests, fire up their vehicle’s engine, and […]

Video: University of Idaho, Egress Test

[youtube] University of Idaho team members complete the egress test yesterday afternoon. The egress test is a drill that gauges a driver’s ability to quickly exit a vehicle in the case of an emergency.

Design Finals

Four teams from yesterday’s Design Event advanced to the Design Finals, which takes place today at 4:30 PM. McMaster University and the University of Idaho advanced in the Hybrid Drive Division, and Carnegie Mellon and Dartmouth College advanced in the Electric Drive Division. The cars that advance to Design Finals are reviewed by all of the […]

Results, Day 2

Design Event

One of the two static events at the Formula Hybrid competition, the Design Event happens on the second day of the four-day event. In the Design Event, teams explain the design components of their vehicles to a panel of judges. After the team presentation, judges then quiz team members on each of their vehicle’s systems. […]

Video: Sounds from Formula Hybrid, Day 2


Networking Lunch

Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, three of Formula Hybrid’s platinum sponsors, hosted a networking lunch today at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The lunch was an opportunity for students participating in this year’s competition to connect with professionals working in the US automotive industry, and to explore potential career paths after Formula Hybrid. A number of […]

Video: University of Akron’s first Formula Hybrid entry


Electical and Mechanical Inspections

Before the on-track events, Formula Hybrid teams must pass a series of technical inspections to ensure that their vehicles are reliable and safe. According to Jacob Gersh, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, one of the more challenging inspections is electrical inspection. Taking teams anywhere from a few hours to a full day to […]

Day 1 – Recap

Today 17 teams unloaded vehicles at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the start of the 2014 Formula Hybrid Competition. The paddock was full of determination and enthusiasm, while teams prepared their vehicle for the technical inspections. The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and the University of Vermont successfully passed the Electrical Pre-Inspection. Additionally, […]

2014 Formula Hybrid Competition

The 2014 Formula Hybrid Competition is taking place at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. Date: Monday, April 28 through Thursday, May 1, 2014 Location: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, NH (get directions) Schedule: See schedule of events (PDF) for details Educational Program: Formula Hybrid School Day is Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Teams: […]

Results and Awards

The 2013 Formula Hybrid Competition finished with a windy awards ceremony at Victory Lane of New Hampshire motor speedway. The teams were all commended for their hard work, congratulated for their victories, including passing inspection, and for their innovation, craftsmanship, perseverance, and performance. The endurance run, (for which photos have been posted  here: was full of […]

Current Standings

Overall Points: (hybrid) Yale: 518.80 Lawrence Tech: 307.07 McMaster University: 260.00   (electric) Dartmouth: 460.63 Vermont: 417.81 Also: new pictures posted to the Thayer photoset

Endurance Event: At the Starting Line

The endurance event is about to begin! We’re waiting with much anticipation to see how all the teams do.  McMaster, RPI and Michegan have all passed some of the tests to clear them for racing this morning. Stay tuned in to the twitter @formula_hybrid for updates on who is actually racing and live updates about […]

Wednesday Results: Autocross And Acceleration

After an exciting day of testing, tilting, braking, accelerating, and weaving through the autocross course, the teams all gathered with their cars on the track for the group photo. (Which should be posted to the Formula Hybrid flickr shortly: But before that, all the teams worked hard to get cleared to race their cars. Only […]

Live Streaming of Autocross Event

The autocross event is starting soon here in Louden, and we’re streaming a video live! Check it out at to watch the Autocross races happen.  

4 Teams Cleared to Race

Yale Bulldogs Racing, Dartmouth Formula Hybrid, University of Vermont Aero, and Lawrence Tech Blue Devil Racing have all passed the inspections necessary for them to race. The tests are comprehensive, and include a mechanical inspection, electrical inspection, a tilt test, an egress test (to see how fast the drivers can exit the vehicle), a fuel […]

Gov. Maggie Hassan visits Formula Hybrid Competition

Members of Dartmouth Formula Racing pose with New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. Hassan visited the competition today in Louden, NH and spoke with the members of the teams competing this week.    Hassan wasn’t the only special visitor to the competition today. Middle school and high school students from around New Hampshire came to the competition […]

Competing Teams Prepare for Inspections

Monday morning finds several teams at New Hampshire Motor Speedway bright and early, unloading their cars and performing final adjustments and checks in order to pass the technical inspections. Every team has to go through a rigorous mechanical and electrical inspection in order to clear their car for the competition. Above, students from Carleton University […]

The Eve of The 2013 Competition

After much anticipation and many hours of hard work, the 2013 Formula Hybrid Competition is upon us. Teams from all over the world have traveled to Louden, NH, to compete in the 8th annual, international Formula Hybrid Competition, hosted by The Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. The competition schedule kicks off with registration and mechanical and […]

University of Kansas Endurance

Here’s video of the first driver for Jayhawk Motorsports: [youtube=]

Universite de Sherbrooke Endurance

Here’s video of the first driver from Sherbrooke: [youtube=]

University of Texas Arlington Endurance

Here’s video of the first portion of the UTA endurance event: [youtube=]

Videos on YouTube

Videos from the competition are posted in the Formula Hybrid Competition 2012 playlist on YouTube.

Day 4: Hybrid Results Update

First Place: Brigham Young University First Place: Universite de Sherbrooke Third Place: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Fourth Place: University of Texas Arlington Fifth Place: Dartmouth College Sixth Place: McGill University Because the scores of the first two finishers in the Hybrid category were within 0.2% of one another, and because the uncertainties in some of […]

Day 4: Final Results and Scores

Below is a summary of the events for the week!  Endurance points have not been provided yet, but we’ll report them when they are available along with the rest of the rankings.

Day 4: Hybrid Results

Sixth Place: McGill University Fifth Place: Dartmouth College Fourth Place: University of Texas Arlington Third Place: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya First Place: Universite de Sherbrooke First Place: Brigham Young University Congrats!

Day 4: Electric Only Results

Fifth Place: Cal Poly SLO Fourth Place: University of Manitoba Third Place: Drexel University Second Place: Illinois Institute of Technology First Place: University of Kansas Congrats!

Day 4: IEEE Engineering the Future Award and Excellence in EV Engineering Award

Engineering the Future: University of Kansas Excellence in EV Engineering: University of Kansas Congrats!

Day 4: Ford Efficiency Award

Third Place: Dartmouth College Second Place: Illinois Institute of Technology First Place: Universite de Sherbrooke Congratulations!

Day 4: GM Best-Engineered Hybrid Award

Third Place: Dartmouth College Second Place: Universite de Sherbrooke First Place: University of Texas-Arlington Congratulations!

We’re Streaming the Awards LIVE

Day 4: Afternoon Status

The events have come to a close here today, but stayed tuned for awards results, as well as GoPro videos from today!

We’re Still Live with the Endurance Race and on Twitter @FormulaHybrid12

Thanks to the Dartmouth Society of Engineers

They put on a fantastic BBQ yesterday!

Day 4: Endurance Update

McGill just had to head back to the paddock, and we’ll try to find out why.  Idaho had to head back for a suspected oil leak, and Dartmouth is in the paddock working on a software issue. BYU and Sherbrooke have finished endurance so far, and Kansas is in the paddock working on some charging […]

Day 4: Endurance Event

We’re broadcasting live from the press box for the endurance event!

We’re Broadcasting Live

Tune in to now for interviews and daily status!

Day 4: Inspection Status Update

We’ve updated the inspection status with the following: UC Davis has passed mechanical inspection.  Cal Poly SLO has passed mechanical and tilt. Manitoba has just passed the brake test. Embry-Riddle is done with inspections.  Illinois Urbana-Champaign has passed everything but brake test and noise.  Lawrence Tech has done everything but brake.  MSOE has passed mechanical […]

Day 4: Endurance Race Today!

Welcome back to the fourth and final day of Formula Hybrid 2012! Today’s event is the endurance race, where teams will test out how fuel-efficient their hybrids are.  Teams go in order of autocross times, so it will be Kansas, Sherbrooke, McGill, BYU, and Catalunya to start. It’s a bit rainy here today, in keeping […]

UPDATE: Day 3: Point Totals (Autocross, Acceleration, Design, & Marketing)

Here’s an up-to-date points total of all the teams so far! The times and points for each event are OFFICIAL (as long as we didn’t make any typos).  Point totals and rankings are UNOFFICIAL. Design rankings unveiled as students crowd around:

Day 3: University of Idaho Autocross Lap

Here’s our last autocross GoPro video for the day – University of Idaho! [youtube]

Day 3: Catalunya Autocross Lap

Here’s a video of one of Catalunya’s autocross laps.  This was one of their slower laps, as they had a much faster lap later in the day. [youtube=]

Day 3: Dartmouth Autocross Lap

Here’s video of Dartmouth’s autocross lap: [youtube=]

Day 3: McGill Autocross Laps

Here are two of McGill’s autocross laps: [youtube=]

Day 3: IIT Autocross Lap

Here’s roll bar cam video of the IIT autocross lap: [youtube=]

Day 3: Sherbrooke Autocross Lap

Here’s video of one of Sherbrooke’s autocross labs: [youtube=]

Day 3: Autocross Times

These are UNOFFICIAL results from the autocross portion of the competition.  We’ll be uploading videos as soon as we can , so check back later! *with potential penalties

Watch the Live Feed

Autocross events are starting soon. Watch live at

Day 3: Autocross Pace Car

The staff here at NHMS was nice enough to take a video on the hood of their Honda CRX as they drove the autocross track: [youtube=]

Day 3: BYU Acceleration Run

BYU laid down the fastest acceleration time this morning with a 4.163.  Here’s a helmet camera video of one of their runs: [youtube=]

Day 3: Illinois Tech Acceleration Run

Here’s some videos of one of Illinois Tech’s acceleration runs: [youtube=]

Day 3: GM Cars

GM is a sponsor this year, and has brought a whole fleet of cars, including a Sonic Boom and a CTS-V.

Day 3: Ford Cars

Ford is a sponsor this year, and they showed up with a several cars to show off, including a bright yellow Mustang.

Day 3: Toyota Cars

Toyota is a sponsor this year, and they showed up with a fleet of Priuses.

Day 3: McGill University Acceleration Run

Here’s McGill doing an acceleration run: [youtube=]

Day 3: Sherbrooke Acceleration Run

Using a Go-Pro mounted to the roll bar of Sherbrooke’s car, we captured this video of one of their acceleration runs. [youtube=]

Day 3: Unofficial Acceleration Times

Be sure to watch the live stream for the last 20 minutes of acceleration!  Teams are walking the course for the autocross event later today.  Here are the unofficial best times for each team:

Day 3: Updated Acceleration Times

Here is an updated status of UNOFFICIAL times from acceleration.  Get more real-time updates on our Twitter feed and watch live at

We’re Streaming Live

Watch acceleration runs live!  Dartmouth is running, BYU and Sherbrooke are in line.

Check Twitter for Real-Time Acceleration Updates

Head over to our Twitter page for real-time acceleration times as they come in!

Day 3: Morning Flurry of Activity

Tufts has gone through mechanical inspection with a few things to fix up. Dartmouth is about to head out on to the track for acceleration runs. Lawrence Tech is ready to finish up tech inspections this morning.

Day 3: Technical Photo Gallery 1

For those of you that like to get a little closer to the cars, here’s part 1 of a photo gallery showing a more detailed look.

Day 2: Late Night Gallery

Day 2: Dartmouth Rain and Brake Tests

Here are a couple more videos of today’s testing: [youtube=] [youtube=]

Day 2: Marketing Presentation Results

The Presentation Results have been posted!  Check the status page for full results. #1 Dartmouth #2 Catalunya #3 BYU

Day 2: Afternoon Photo Gallery

“Live with Lananna” Is Now Interviewing Design Finalists!

Head over to to view interviews with the design finalists!

Design Finalists Announced!

Congratulations to the four design finalists!  Point totals and the winner will be announced tomorrow!

University of Kansas Wins Electric-Only Design

Congratulations to the University of Kansas for winning the electric-only design competition!

“Live with Lananna” will return at 530 EDT

We’re going to charge our laptop and figure out the audio.  Stay tuned!

Check the Formula Hybrid Feed for “Live with Lananna”

Scott Lananna, mechanical inspector, GM engineer, and Dartmouth Formula Racing alum, is now live at

University of Kansas Brake Test

Congratulations to the University of Kansas for becoming the first team to pass the brake test!  Here’s some video: [youtube=]

Dartmouth College Tilt Test

Dartmouth College successfully passed the tilt test! [youtube=]  

Live Video of the Paddocks

Check out for live video of one of the paddocks at Formula Hybrid 2012!

McGill University Tilt Test

Check out the video of McGill’s successful tilt test! [youtube=]

Day 2: Live Update

Check the Formula Hybrid site at 4pm daily for a live update from DFR alum and current GM employee Scott Lananna!

Day 2: Morning Photo Gallery

Day 2: Morning Wrap-up

It’s been an action-packed morning here as teams are scrambling to get through technical inspections.  Dartmouth has passed mechanical inspection to join Kansas and Sherbrooke as the teams with all inspections done.  Kansas and Sherbrooke have both done the tilt test as well. Dartmouth weighed in at 615 lbs and is heading over to tilt […]

Day 2: MSOE Marketing Presentation

MSOE has started their marketing presentation.  Teams are required to develop a marketing strategy identifying why their car is a commercially viable hybid solution.

Day 2: Universite de Sherbrooke

Universite de Sherbrooke has the distinction of being the first team to pass both mechanical and electrical inspections.  Hailing from Quebec, this is the team’s first foray into formula hybrid. Their car weight in at 559 lbs.

Day 2: Morning Update

Welcome to a cold, rainy (shocking, I know) day 2 at Formula Hybrid!  Be sure to follow along with up-to-date team status! Teams are continuing to go through electrical and mechanical tech inspection, and we had a visit from South Meadow Middle School and Bow High School during RPI’s mechanical inspection! The Big Green Bus […]

Day 1: Egress Tests

As we wind down day 1, here are some videos of egress testing.  Check back later tonight for more! Be sure and follow us on twitter (@FormulaHybrid12) for up-to-the-second updates throughout the week! [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]

Day 1: 2012 Formula Hybrid Competitors – Checking in

We’re currently almost through day 1 of comp.  Some teams are in the middle of technical inspections, while others are hurriedly prepping their cars.  So far 23 cars have shown up, and we’ve documented the current state of each.

…aaaand we’re back!

Welcome to the 2012 Formula Hybrid competition blog!  Judging from the competition website, it’s sure to be an exciting year with ~40 teams registered, including a strong international contingency.  Your bloggers are excited for the opportunity to document the event again this year.  We have big plans this year with more multimedia.  We’re armed with […]

2012 Formula Hybrid Competition

The 2012 Formula Hybrid Competition is taking place at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. Date: Monday, April 30 through Thursday, May 3, 2012 Location: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, NH (get directions) Schedule: See schedule of events (PDF) for details Educational Program: Formula Hybrid School Day is Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Teams: […]

2011 Formula Hybrid Competition Lessons Learned

One of the most noticeable aspects of the 2011 Formula Hybrid Competition has been the struggle of the majority of teams to get their cars ready. Originally, 33 teams from 5 different countries registered for the event, but only 21 registrants showed up with cars. The teams that didn’t make the trip include teams with […]

Day 4: Final Results for Formula Hybrid 2011

Here are the final results for the 2011 Formula Hybrid Competition: *denotes hybrid-in-progress Additionally, Dartmouth College received the Chrysler Award. Lund University received the IEEE Engineering the Future Award.

Day 4: Endurance Top 3

1) BYU 2) Texas A&M 3) Lund

Day 4: Afternoon Update

The officials are now tallying scores, as the endurance event has drawn to a close. Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Dartmouth each made it out onto the track prior to the end. Dartmouth completed 23 out of 40 laps before the course closed at 3:30. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]

Day 4: Brake Test Update

Dartmouth just passed brake test. Embry-Riddle and Cal Poly Pomona are about to attempt. McGill is heading out to endurance right now. [youtube=]

Day 4: Endurance Video

Here’s a video of 2 of the BYU endurance laps: [youtube=] Dartmouth is heading over to retry brake test right now, with the hopes of heading out to endurance after that.

Day 4: Endurance Update

It’s still raining out here, but the endurance event is fully underway. Lund and Texas A&M have completed the event, while Cal Poly SLO, UC Davis, and BYU are out on the track right now. MSOE is in line to start soon.

Day 4: The First Annual Formula Hybrid People’s Teen Choice Blogger’s Golden Spirit Award

As the official competition bloggers, it is our honor to give out the first annual Formula Hybrid People’s Teen Choice Blogger’s Golden Spirit Award. We’d like to take this time to acknowledge one of the best stories of this year’s competition. In a field full of viable contenders, this year’s award goes to Thomas Emerick […]

Day 4: Endurance Getting Underway

Endurance is starting up with Lund University out on the course right now. There’s a long line of cars getting rain-certified and heading over to get fueled up.

Day 4: Quick Update


Day 4: Morning Update

Good morning from the final day of the 2011 Formula Hybrid Competition. There’s a light rain falling here as teams prepare for the endurance event. Due to the rain, teams have to pass an additional rain inspection before being allowed on the track. This morning, GM presented their Best Engineered Hybrid Systems Award to the […]

Day 3: Complete Autocross Results

Here are the final results from the autocross and acceleration events today: Acceleration – Texas A&M Electric only – 5.712 s Unlimited – 4.425 s – UC Davis Unlimited – 5.360 Autocross – Texas A&M: 44.723 – UC Davis: 45.364 – Lund: 49.07 – Kansas: 49.103 – Cal Poly SLO: 49.133 – BYU: 54.536 – […]

Day 3: Design Winners Announced

The four design finalists presented their cars to the design judges in the final this afternoon. Here are the results: 1) Lund University 2) Dartmouth College 3) Brigham Young University 4) University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Day 3: Dartmouth Society of Engineers BBQ

We’d like to take a moment to thank the Dartmouth Society of Engineers for their hard work putting together a BBQ for all the participants and attendees of the 2011 competition! The food was great!

Day 3: Autocross Times

Here are the fastest three lap times from autocross today: Texas A&M – 44.723 s UC Davis – 45.364 s Lund University – 49.070 s

Day 3: Autocross Continued

[youtube=] BYU has done their autocross laps. [youtube=] Dartmouth has passed their noise test and is moving on to brake check.

Day 3: Start of Autocross Event

The autocross event is underway with several teams hitting the track. With the exception of Texas A&M, teams have had some trouble with the gates, but the event is moving along. [youtube=] [youtube=] Texas A&M, Cal Poly SLO, MSOE, and Lund have all completed at least 2 laps on the course with times to be […]

Day 3: Morning News and Notes

Here’s the general status of a few teams: – Texas A&M updated their electric-only acceleration run to 5.712 s. [youtube=] – UC Davis completed their unlimited acceleration run, but ran out of time before completing their electric-only run. Their time was 5.360. – Cal Poly passed their brake test and is certified to drive. – […]

Day 3: Tilt Table

One of the test teams are required to pass before driving is the tilt test. The car is tilted up to 60 degrees to ensure that all four tires stay on the table and no fluids leak out. UC Davis has successfully passed the tilt test, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is up next. […]

Day 3: Morning Update

[youtube=] Texas A&M became the first team to complete their acceleration runs. There are 2 parts to the acceleration event — electric only and unlimited. Here are their times for the event: Electric only – 5.772 s Unlimited – 4.425 s [youtube=] Dartmouth has passed mechanical inspection and will be finishing up electrical in a […]

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Day 3: Good Morning from NHMS

We’re back on day 3 of the formula hybrid competition! Dynamic events start today and inspections have been kept open to accommodate teams. Check back often to stay informed!

Day 2: Design Finalists and Marketing Scores Announced

The marketing scores were announced today. Here are the top 3: 1) Brigham Young University 2) McGill University 3) Texas A&M University We’d like to congratulate the 4 design finalists and wish them the best of luck tomorrow in the final judging! Here they are in no particular order: – Dartmouth College – Brigham Young […]

Day 2: Evening Update

Day 2 of the competition has come to a close. Texas A&M remains the only team to have completed technical inspection. There are several others, including Dartmouth, who have gone through one round and have minor changes to make tonight. Tomorrow looks to be an action-packed day with several teams passing inspections and moving on […]

Special Thanks to Our Platinum Sponsors

We’d like to take a moment to thank our sponsors for their contributions. The Formula Hybrid Competition would not exist without their generosity. Every year, the automotive sponsors bring out some of their most innovative vehicles to show off. This year, GM brought out a 50th anniversary C5 Z06 along with two Chevy Volts and […]

Day 2: Afternoon Update

We’re right in the middle of the second day of comp. Here are some of the highlights from day 2: – Texas A&M became the first team to pass technical and safety inspections when they succeeded in locking up all 4 wheels just a couple minutes ago. – Dartmouth and BYU just completed their design […]

Day 2: News and Notes

Here are some notes from yesterday and this morning: – Today, students from local high school are visiting comp to check out the vehicles. – Florida State/Florida A&M participated last year as an electric-only hybrid-in-progress. This year, they’re back with a full hybrid. They added in the ICE, new uprights, a new differential, and paddle-shifting. […]

Day 2: Inspection Update

The inspection procedure is to go through a preliminary electrical inspection in order to ensure the safety of the mechanical inspectors. Then, teams moved on to mechanical and electrical inspection stations. Here are some up-to-date inspection updates: There is a long line of teams looking to pass through preliminary electrical inspection. Several teams already passed […]

Day 2: Morning Update

It’s day 2, and teams are working hard to get through mechanical and electrical safety inspections. Today is primarily focused on passing inspections, presenting design work, and demonstrating a marketing strategy. The design finals are tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Wednesday. There are 24 teams competing in this year’s competition – most […]

Welcome to 2011 Formula Hybrid Competition!

Welcome to the official blog of the 2011 Formula Hybrid Competition! We’ll be posting several updates a day on the progress of the competition, as well as in-depth looks at some of the cars. Check back regularly to stay informed! Also, follow us on Twitter @formulahybrid11.

2011 Formula Hybrid Competition

The 2011 Formula Hybrid Competition is taking place at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. Date: Sunday, May 1 through Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Location: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, NH (get directions) Schedule: See schedule of events (PDF) for details Educational Program: Formula Hybrid School Day is Monday, May 2, 2011, 10 […]