Day 4: Endurance Race Today!

Welcome back to the fourth and final day of Formula Hybrid 2012! Today’s event is the endurance race, where teams will test out how fuel-efficient their hybrids are.  Teams go in order of autocross times, so it will be Kansas, Sherbrooke, McGill, BYU, and Catalunya to start. It’s a bit rainy here today, in keeping with tradition, as it’s rained each of the last four years during the endurance event.

We’ll be live-streaming as much of the event as we can, and we’ll also bring you exclusive interviews with track officials and team members. Make sure you follow us on Twitter for real-time updates and interactions. The call is still out there for a picture of an engineering dean watching the live feed. Check the team status page to see where all the teams rank as we head into the last day of action! The current top 5 is Kansas, Sherbrooke, McGill, BYU, and Illinois Tech.