Team Profile: McMaster Formula Hybrid

McMaster Formula Hybrid arrived at FH 2014 for competition with a beautifully designed and engineered car, but sadly one that never drove at comp because they were waiting for manufacturer specific parts that didn’t arrive until the competition. However, their team’s organization and discipline was impressive enough to earn them the Skip Barber Teamwork Award.

And they have come back this year with their eyes on the prize. Throughout the 2014-2015 development year their vehicle, MFH1415, has been completely re-engineered. The only major component remaining from the 2014 competition is their carbon fiber monocoque chassis (which did receive a beautiful new paint job).


Major technological shifts include the addition of two hub-mounted front electric motors, with planetary gearing, a full aero kit, and entirely new electrical and control systems.


McMaster students work on their accumulator pack to prepare it for electrical tech.

The new system uses the two front motors for boost and regen, with both a capacitor bank and a small battery pack as their accumulator. Their engine is a 2012 KTM 250, which puts out 35 HP and the two motors are each rated at 15 kW, and the electrical system boasts five student designed controllers, custom software, and a complex control system to maximize the effective power out and balance the front wheel electric motors with the rear wheel drive engine.


The new McMaster Formula Hybrid Aero kit has character

The team isn’t through tech inspections yet, but they are confident in their new car and we’re all excited to see it get out there.