Team Profile: UVM Alternative Energy Racing Organization

UVM, a top contender in the electric division from both the 2013 and 2014 competitions, has come to Formula Hybrid 2015 sporting a brand new car. After scoring second place in the electric division for two years running, UVM AERO decided to go back to a hybrid vehicle. This year they are competing in the Hybrid In-Progress category, as they wanted to take advantage of the two-year development cycle for their vehicle.


Senior EE Andrew Giroux says the electric cars were too easy, and emphasized that the team enjoys taking on a challenge with their designs. And what an ambitious project they have chosen. They have two front wheel drive motors, and one rear wheel motor. The car features a student designed BMS, a 24S10P LiPO battery pack comprised of 240 5Ah pouch cells. They estimate at peak their motors could put out over 150 horsepower, which they will need as their car is expected to weigh well over 1000 lbs.


In typical UVM AERO fashion, they have taken on an extremely difficult project and have gone great lengths to put their car together for the race– a complete overhaul from 2014, and yet they are still one of the first teams to make it to mechanical inspection. Their ultimate goal with the car is to add a KTM SXF 250 engine, but as Hybrid In-Progress this year they will be competing with just their electric drive system.