Day 4 Wrap-Up

This year New Hampshire Motor Speedway brought all kinds of weather to Formula Hybrid—wintery cold, spring rain, summer heat, and today some thunderstorms!

Five teams were ready bright and early to take a shot at today’s Endurance Event:

Hytech Racing got on the track after lunch and after passing a rain test and was able to complete over 20 laps. Lawrence Tech also got some track time although they were ineligible to earn points.

Endurance is the most challenging of the dynamic events where the cars must prove their durability over a distance of 44 kilometers which includes two climbs per lap totaling more than 72 feet. All vehicles begin with fully charged accumulators (batteries or capacitors). Hybrids are given an additional allocation of liquid fuel so that all hybrid vehicles start with the same amount of energy. Electric-only vehicles must complete Endurance with the energy contained in their accumulators.

RIT Hot Wheelz also passed the rain test and tried hard to get to the track but had to stop after mechanical problems arose at the brake test. (They can still stand proud with a first place finish in the Project Management competition!)

Dartmouth Formula Racing was the only team this year to complete all 44 laps of the Endurance Event and also came in first in the hybrid category for Design, Acceleration, and Autocross. It’s the first time Dartmouth has ever completed all events at Formula Hybrid!

Dartmouth Formula Racing in the Endurance Event

Dartmouth Formula Racing in the Endurance Event

Ashwa Racing (RV College of Engineering) was very excited to finish a total of 41 laps in Endurance!

Ashwa Racing Celebrates

And a few things the cameras don’t always show:

“The thing that’s really cool to me, that I wouldn’t have expected, is the willingness of all the teams to help each other out. It’s a lot more of a ‘we’re all in this together’ atmosphere than I would have thought. The amount of camaraderie here is pretty remarkable.” —Max Schwegman, Princeton senior ME major

“[Formula Hybrid]’s not only job skills and personal skills, but it’s also seeing it all put together. It’s so much different than seeing it as a model on a computer. Everything you worked on is all together and working in front of you. It’s a beautiful experience. Seeing the application of so much that I’m learning in automotive, it’s actually solidified this as as a potential direction I want to go. There are so many different opportunities and fields, and then, wow, here’s a race car. I didn’t think of this as a direction to pursue before.” —George Spearing, UVM freshman EE major

Final competition results are being posted HERE. Meanwhile, be sure to check our Flickr album for new photos! (Videos coming soon…)

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