Day 4 Midday Report

Cloudy, cool, and windy today with just a few rays of sunshine here and there.

University of Victoria (UVic Hybrid) and University of Waterloo (Waterloo Hybrid-Electric) came out on top for the Design Event.

University of Waterloo (Waterloo Hybrid-Electric) with a design judge

University of Waterloo (Waterloo Hybrid-Electric) with a design judge

UVic also won both Acceleration (5.857 seconds for unrestricted and 7.3 seconds for electric only) and Autocross.

University of Victoria (UVic Hybrid)

University of Victoria (UVic Hybrid)

The winner of both Acceleration (6.207 seconds) and Autocross for the electric car category is Binghamton University (Bearcat Motorsports).

Binghamton University (Bearcat Motorsports) Acceleration Run

So far UVic, Binghamton, and University of Vermont (Alternative Energy Racing Organization) have made it out onto the Endurance Event course with UVM becoming the first car to complete all 44 laps ever in Formula Hybrid history!

University of Vermont (Alternative Energy Racing Organization)

University of Vermont (Alternative Energy Racing Organization)

More teams are lined up for inspections today, including Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Hot Wheelz) which fixed a suspension problem last night and was last seen getting ready for a brake test.

Wednesday Results: Autocross And Acceleration

After an exciting day of testing, tilting, braking, accelerating, and weaving through the autocross course, the teams all gathered with their cars on the track for the group photo. (Which should be posted to the Formula Hybrid flickr shortly:

But before that, all the teams worked hard to get cleared to race their cars. Only four teams were successful in passing all of the rigorous safety checks and tests in order to race. There were two electric cars, UVM Aero and Dartmouth Formula Racing, as well as two hybrids, Yale Bulldog Racing and Lawrence Tech Blue Devils Racing. 

The acceleration event was exhilarating, with UVM topping Dartmouth in the Electric acceleration. UVM ran the 75 meters in 5.604s, with Dartmouth clocking in at 6.181. Yale tore up the track with a 5.28, which was the fastest run of the day. Lawrence Tech followed with a 5.982 for their hybrid racecar.


The autocross was also exciting. Both the electrical cars had some problems, with Dartmouth Formula Racing overheating their batteries just before the finish line, and UVM Aero running out of charge on their last run. UVM still took the race with a 54.14s time, Dartmouth close behind coming in at 56.14s. 


Yale topped the field again in the autocross with a blistering time of 49.2s. Lawrence Tech followed with a 63s run. 


Tomorrow, starting at 1 will be the endurance event. Stay tuned for tweeting coming from @formula_hybrid and live streaming at


Live Streaming of Autocross Event

The autocross event is starting soon here in Louden, and we’re streaming a video live! Check it out at to watch the Autocross races happen.