Formula Hybrid Alumni

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Sean Ali

Company: Boeing
Job Title:
Test and Evaluation Engineer
Alma Mater:
Milwaukee School of Engineering
FH Team Name:
Mozee Motorsport
Team Position:
Firewall Lead, Marketing, Torque Vectoring Differential Lead, and Battery Accumulators Lead

Participating in the SAE Formula Hybrid program at the Milwaukee School of Engineering was the highlight of my undergrad education. I was able not only take classroom learnings and apply it to a racecar, but expand outside my discipline of Mechanical Engineering. I contributed to developing a portfolio to market the vehicle to potential sponsors through photography, videography, and website design. Additionally, I assisted the electrical lead in developing the high and low voltage systems adding another dimension to my education. The Formula Hybrid program allowed me to build my collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to be a more effective member of my organization. I will always cherish the memories, learnings, and friends on the Mozee Motorsport team and the skills gained from participating in the SAE Formula Hybrid competition.

Keoni Denison

Company: Capital Wraps
Job Title:
Alma Mater:
Dartmouth College
FH Team Name:
Dartmouth Formula Racing
Team Position:

Taking the helm of the team helped me become a principle here at Capital Wraps.

Eric Din

Company: Hive Battery Labs
Job Title:
CEO, Co-Founder
Alma Mater:
Dartmouth College
FH Team Name:
Dartmouth Formula Racing
Team Position:

My Formula Hybrid team — at just six people — was small but mighty. Formula Hybrid was my first taste in the importance of talent, buy-in, and (only in retrospect) balance in building a team. I will always be chasing the incredible feeling of cooperation we had that year.

Pavel Dutov

Job Title:
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer
Alma Mater:
Illinois Institute of Technology
FH Team Name:
IIT Motorsports
Team Position:
President; Electronics Team Lead

Formula Hybrid showed me that the world of new hybrid and electric vehicle engineering is absolutely within the reach of any university student, no matter what his/her major is! It did allow me to change my career path from biophysics to EV development!

David Ebidia

David EbidiaCompany: Tesla Motors
Job Title: Integration Engineer
Alma Mater: University of Waterloo
FH Team Name: Waterloo Hybrid
Team Position: Team Lead

Formula Hybrid provided a more practical side for applying engineering skills throughout my 5 year co-op program. Being part of the team provided a strong foundation for learning to apply the skills learned in class to a real-world scenario. Many companies like to see this sort of practical experience in a new graduate, as it helps convey a sense of teamwork, leadership, and a strong ability to apply engineering skills.

Evan Engisch

Company: SpaceX
Job Title:Avionics Engineer
Alma Mater: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
FH Team Name: Rensselaer Formula Hybrid
Team Position:  Principal Team Lead

Formula Hybrid served as a medium through which to develop a deep understanding of the engineering process, while instilling a deep passion for technical design and a sharpened work ethic. The competition fills a critical gap left open by classroom curriculum in providing a complex, open-ended challenge that requires a level of self-guided discovery and project management which closely models that seen in industry. Years later, the abilities and tools that Formula Hybrid presented continue to find use in my work on a daily basis.

Jeffrey Gryguc

Company: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Title: Product Engineering Manager
Alma Mater: University of Waterloo
FH Team Name: University of Waterloo Formula Hybrid
Team Position: Powertrain Director

Formula Hybrid helped me develop the skills and leadership qualities I needed to thrive in an automotive OEM environment

Nerissa Hanson

Nerissa HansonCompany: Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Title: Project Engineer
Alma Mater: Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)
FH Team Name: Raider Racing
Team Position: Team Captain and Powertrain Sub-team Member

The leadership skills and technical knowledge of advanced powertrain systems that I obtained in Formula Hybrid played a large part in being hired for my current job, and in being successful in my role. I also work with a small professional race team in my spare time. Participating in a Formula project in college is somewhat of an unwritten prerequisite for working on a professional race team, so I was able to get my foot in the door faster.

Peter Hasenkamp

Company: Lucid Motors
Title: VP, Supply Chain
Alma Mater: Dartmouth College
Team Position: Team Captain

I was part of the Formula SAE team prior to the Hybrid program, so am glad to see things evolve into EVs & Hybrids! The Formula team was outstanding preparation for having to apply Engineering principles to a real world environment (rather than just a lab bench) and work to a budget and a timeline.

Adam Hassig

Adam HassigCompany: Eaton
Title: Project Manager
Alma Mater: Milwaukee School of Engineering
FH Team Name: MSOE Formula Hybrid
Team Position: Electrical Engineer

The two primary advantages that Formula Hybrid helped advance my career is leadership and teamwork experience. Leadership is a fundamental part of the project due to vigorous tasks and time schedule. Teamwork is the other incredible experience because of the collaboration with different types of engineers and the ability to work dynamically together.

Nicholas Hunsanger

Nick HunsangerCompany: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Title: PHEV Diagnostics Calibrator
Alma Mater: University of Michigan 2014
FH Team Name: MHybrid Racing
Team Position: Controls Algorithm Development

Formula Hybrid provided me with the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to hybrid automotive technology, exposure that I would have been hard pressed to find elsewhere while in school. I was able to develop a working knowledge of hybrid controls concepts and calibration software used by engineers in industry before I graduated, which in my opinion gave my resume an edge. Taking this valuable experience to industry with me when I graduated, I had a great foundation of the skills to hit the ground running.

Kenneth Jones

Kenneth Jones-Company: Ford Motor Company
Title: Steering Controls Engineer
Alma Maters: Lawrence Technological University 13′ and Kalamazoo College 11′
FH Team Name: Blue Devil Motorsports
Team Position: Suspension and Paint/Body Team Lead

The Formula Hybrid competition helped advance my career by providing me with a chance to hone my engineering, project management, and critical-thinking skills needed to excel in a professional environment. The structure of the competition allowed me to gain professional contacts within the automotive industry and also get valuable feedback from senior engineers. I believe the design, build, and validation stages I was exposed to during my 2.5 years of Formula Hybrid has given me a competitive advantage in advancing my career within the automotive industry.

Margaux LeBlanc

Company: General Motors
Title: Battery Data Analyst and Quality Lead
Alma Maters: Dartmouth College
FH Team Name: Dartmouth Formula Racing
Team Position: Team Captain

Through Formula Hybrid, I learned invaluable skills of project management, teamwork, hybrid controls, complex systems, and electrical/mechanical fabrication. I learned how to motivate a team towards a common vision, foster an open and inviting atmosphere, and solidify my technical skills as an engineer. Formula Hybrid let me take all that I learned in my classes and actually execute it. Nothing is better than sitting behind the wheel of your finished product and ripping around the back of Thayer.

Barry Mason

Barry MasonCompany: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Title: Powertrain Analysis Engineer
Alma Mater: McMaster University
FH Team Name: McMaster Formula Hybrid
Team Position: Suspension Lead, Mechanical Co-Captain

Technically, Formula Hybrid exposed me to complex and future technologies emerging in the automotive industry. This exposure and having to learn these concepts independently is knowledge and an ability I use every day in the constantly evolving automotive industry. Interpersonally, the team dynamics associated with Formula Hybrid jump-started my development of the skills required to be part of a highly productive team.

Pranjal Tyagi

Company: Taal Tech India, Pvt. Ltd.
Title: Design Engineer
Alma Mater: R.V. College of Engineering
FH Team Name: Ashwa Racing
Team Position: Chief Engineer

Formula Hybrid gave me very fulfilling experiences during my education. I got to interact with various judges and other teams, and chances to understand the direction the world is moving towards.

Colin Ullen

Title: Director of Engineering
Alma Mater: Dartmouth College
FH Team Name: Dartmouth Formula Racing
Team Position: Captain

Formula Hybrid was a crash course in all aspects of engineering. Having come into the program with strong EE skills, I spent a lot of time learning about all the other engineering disciplines in a very fast paced and practical manner. These skills sets have served me well when managing diverse groups of engineers.

Courtney Wenzel

Company: Stanford University
Title: Master’s Student: Mechanical Engineering 
Alma Mater: Milwaukee School of Engineering
FH Team Name: Mozee Motorsports
Team Positions: Treasurer, Travel Officer, Chassis/Side pod team member

Formula Hybrid was probably the most enjoyable part of my undergraduate experience. Before I even enrolled in grad school, I researched similar design/build student teams at the universities that I was considering because I knew it was something that I wanted to continue with. When I got to Stanford, before my classes even started in the Fall, I joined the Stanford Solar Car team. I used my knowledge and skills from my involvement with MSOE’s FH team to jump right in and help design and build various components of the chassis, body, suspension, and battery subsystems. This Fall I will be attending a competition with the team in Australia, wish us luck!

Ricky Willems

Company: Stanley Black & DeckerRicky Willems Pic
Title: Electrical Engineer and Product Designer
Alma Mater: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
FH Team Name: RPI Formula Hybrid
Team Position: Varied: Electrical Lead, Drivetrain Lead, Vice President, Electrical Supervisor

The Formula Hybrid Team project allowed me to apply what I learned in the classroom, demonstrating to me the relevance of what I was learning, and giving me valuable experience in how to apply what I’d learned. It also prompted me to study applicable subjects far beyond the normal curriculum. Employers have recognized the knowledge and experience I have gained, along with my dedication to the project, making Formula Hybrid a center point in any interview or hiring process. It has also put me in touch with many employment opportunities, including the opportunity that led to my current job.

William Voigt

Company: Bose Corporation
Title: New Product Manager
Alma Mater: Colby College, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth
FH Team Name: Dartmouth Formula Racing (DFR)
Team Position: Co-Captain, Mechanical Engineer on Drivetrain and Suspension Teams

One of the most important things I gained from Formula Hybrid was perspective. This was the only academic project I worked on where I was involved in, and had control over, the entire development cycle, from concept idea and vision refinement through research, testing, and ultimately integration and optimization. Coming right out of school into the role of a New Product Manager at Bose, having this framework and experience has made it much easier for me to spool up in my role as I manage research and development projects