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2016 Formula Hybrid Awards

Hybrid Category | 1st – 6th place trophies

1. University of Victoria

2. Milwaukee School of Engineering

3. Atilim University

4. RV College of Engineering

5. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

6. University of Idaho

Electric Category | 1st – 6th place trophies

1. Binghamton University

2. University of Vermont

3. Rochester Institute of Technology

4. University of Waterloo

5. University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

6. Georgia Tech

Doug Gore Memorial Chassis Design Award | University of Victoria

This award is in recognition of Douglas Gore’s enthusiastic support of Formula Hybrid and Formula SAE. For over two decades, Doug shared his NASCAR and open-wheel design, preparation and driving knowledge with hundreds of students as a SAE CDS design judge. He always encouraged and challenged competitors to understand the theory behind their design, and the real-world effects of chassis and suspension tuning.

This award will recognize the team who best demonstrates Doug’s key principals. Although Formula Hybrid does not require a new chassis each year, teams with a new or heavily modified chassis/suspension will receive greater consideration. No separate material or presentation is required. The winning team will be selected by the Design Judges based on their submitted design report, any materials shown during design judging and Q&A with the judges during design judging. Sufficient analysis and/or test data is expected to justify chassis and suspension design decisions. At a minimum, the winning team will demonstrate superior knowledge, analysis and/or test data in the following areas:

  • Suspension geometry – why it was selected and how it effects vehicle performance
  • Suspension/chassis load path
  • Chassis structure designed for vehicle performance and not only failure prevention
  • Suspension optimization through analysis and/or vehicle testing
  • Understanding of effects of suspension geometry and settings on vehicle performance (knowledge on how to fix handling conditions)
  • Applicability of chassis/suspension selections relative to the performance events

2016 Sponsored Awards

General Motors Spirit of Formula Hybrid Award | Rochester Institute of Technology

This award recognizes the team which best demonstrates the true spirit of Formula Hybrid: A multidisciplinary educational endeavor mixed with friendly and professional competition. The team that receives this award has not only produced a racecar using sound engineering judgement, but has continuously excelled in teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, General Motors seeks to highlight the importance of project management in the engineering process. We commend the team which demonstrates exceptional preparedness and true completeness. This award highlights defensible designs and decisions while working within constraints of time, budget, and rules. We recognize the Formula Hybrid effort as a holistic challenge, requiring a careful balance of many ingredients.

  • Trophy and $2,500

General Motors Best Engineered Propulsion System Award | University of Victoria

This award recognizes the team which best demonstrates professionalism and accomplishment in four categories: engineering design, ingenuity, execution, and vehicle performance. Teams considered for this award will demonstrate rigorous attention to a purposeful engineering process. The award recipient will demonstrate a novel approach to one or more aspects of racecar development, ranging from component or system design to validation methods. General Motors wishes to recognize a team that understands that innovation is not without risk, yet has the courage to do something exceptionally difficult or unique. Concurrently, we applaud the team that defends their design concisely, logically, and accurately through the use of appropriate engineering methodology and analysis. Lastly, teams considered for this award must present an exciting product – demonstrated in appearance and performance.

  • Trophy and $2,500

FCA Innovation Award | University of Waterloo

This award celebrates creativity in design, use of component, or strategy of competition.  The unique feature can be traced from conception to deployment throughout the team’s design process.  Since innovation involves risk of failure, the team responded appropriately and persevered through challenges and failures.  The unique feature has a practical application and demonstrates engineering ingenuity.

  • Trophy and $1,000

FCA Industrial Design Award | University of Victoria

This award celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed and well-built vehicle.  The design is elegant, simple, and practical.  The vehicle is built with quality and workmanship.  The entire vehicle reflects a system approach that takes into consideration the many different functional systems operating together to achieve the goal.  Not just performance but reliability and maintainability are factors too.  The entire vehicle is worthy of recognition and not just a single component.

  • Trophy and $1,000

FCA Gracious Professionalism Award | Rochester Institute of Technology

The goal of this award is to celebrate gracious professionalism.  The team that wins this award demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship, team collaboration, and gracious attitude both on and off the track.  While engineering ingenuity is celebrated throughout the competition, we wanted to highlight the importance of a positive and collaborative attitude.   In today’s ever diversifying workforce, talent is important and so it’s the ability communicate and work with others.  The team that wins this award demonstrates professionalism desired by any company in any industry.

  • Trophy and $1,000

IEEE Engineering the Future Award | University of Waterloo

Engineering the Future –  This award considers the multidisciplinary makeup of the team and evidence that the vehicle design contained all of the features of a proper racecar. IEEE Engineering the Future also considers whether the vehicle creates a desire to “take it onto the track and see how it performs.”

  • Trophy

IEEE Excellence in EV Engineering Award | University of Vermont | Honorable Mention to University of Waterloo

Excellence in EV Engineering –  This award focuses on the entire EV engineering process. Judging begins when the Design and Sustainability reports are submitted. The judging continues at the Speedway with an evaluation of each team’s implementation and performance during the dynamics events. Significant emphasis is placed upon preparation, team dynamics, and attention to details. Also important are the intangibles that lead to good performance, reliability, and establish or continue a legacy.

  • Trophy