Start a Team

Formula Hybrid teams design and build hybrid racecars that must pass strict safety inspections prior to competing. The staff of Formula Hybrid provides support and answers questions. Our volunteer mentors are trained professionals who provide technical guidance throughout the build.

Suggestions for getting started:

  • Find Step-by-Step Information on Organizing & Forming a Team at SAE International
  • Read the Rules
  • Register
  • Complete and submit the required forms
  • Find Discounted and Recommended Parts under the Students menu
  • Apply for a Professional Mentor
    • Mentors provide teams with project management advice and technical support in the months leading up to the competition
  • Use the Support Page to ask officials questions
    • Create Team Pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
    • Update your followers and sponsors
    • Find and support other teams
    • Get the latest event news and updates
    • Find jobs and internships