Firewall Equivalency Test – Example Video

To demonstrate equivalence to the aluminum sheet specified in rule T4.5.2, teams should submit a video, showing a torch test of their proposed firewall material.

  • Camera angle, etc. should be similar to the video shown above.
  • The torch should be a propane plumber’s torch, per Appendix I. (A Mapp torch is shown in the video, but the requirement has been changed to Propane.)
  • The torch should be held at a distance from the test piece such that the hottest part of the flame (the tip of the inner cone) is just touching the test piece.
  • The video must show two sequential tests and be contiguous and unedited (except for trimming the irrelevant leading and trailing portions).
  • The first part of the video should show the torch applied to a piece of Aluminum of the thickness called for in T4.5.2, and held long enough to burn through the aluminum.
  • The torch should then be moved directly to a similarly sized test piece of the proposed material without changing any settings, and held for at least as long as the burn-through time for the Aluminum.
  • There must be no penetration of the test piece.